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Tremol SMD supplies electronic products for all the major electronic markets
... firmware design, electronic design, electronic testing, moulds and plastic parts design, plastic injection, mechanical parts design and production and etc ... more

SEE as a promising hub for the global automotive industry
... and sensors, precision engineered and plastic products and casting components as the products in which the country specialises. ... country, which enables the creation of highly innovative products and solutions in the automotive industry. “More than ... more

Machine tools market in Romania
... machinery and machine tools; chemical production, including plastic, paints and varnishes, glass, cement etc.; mining ... supplies welding equipment and materials, materials and products for industrial manufacturing and constructions, various tools and ... more

Rommtech-3S returns manufacturing to Europe from Asia for OEMs
... IATF 16949:2016 that the company is pursuing. The products have possibility for full traceability in all departments. The ... company does for Industry 4.0 starting with the plastic department. Each machine will have an intelligent logger for ... more

Advanced manufacturing opportunities in SEE
... and chemical products (11%), manufacturing of electrical machinery and equipment (9%), and manufacturing of rubber, plastic, leather ... and paper products (9%). Over 21 000 enterprises in ... more

Robotics 2020 in Ljubljana will focus on smart industry solutions
... the exhibition will present the most innovative products and technologies in both industrial and service ... Logistics and operation; Mechanics, metallurgy, military; Pharmacy, plastic processing, platform & network management; Sensors and nodes, ... more

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Serbia
... and plastic products (rubber tires, other rubber products); plastic profiles; plastic packaging; plastics products for construction purposes, etc.); Non-metal mineral products (glass products, fireproof products, ceramics ... more

... “Taking extreme care in manufacturing only the registered products elaborately designed by us, our company continues to ... flawless moulds using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal ... more

Search results for plastic products Found in advertising publications: 6

Color Plast
... two years later adopted the manufacturing of molds for plastic products. The development of blow molding machines with hydraulic ... . In our packages are conserved over 500 products. Overall, the company produces over 250 types of plastic products.


... lots of family factories producing tools and plastic parts, but we would like to ... necessary

•Long life of products

Our customers can be:plastic products

•Producers or consumers of plastic details and products

... more

Endrich GmbH
... sound signals of household appliances, medical and health care products.

1.2 Piezo speakers

When ... . The piezoelectric speaker consists of a flexible sound supporting plastic diaphragm and a piezoelectric ceramic disc. This simple structure ... more

VIA Expo
... heralding a new era and a new dimension in plastic recycling systems. The EREMA technologies are considered to be ... . It will showcase a comprehensive range of highly efficient products in the fields of shredding, conveying, screening and separating ... more

... in the TME‘s range of products

The TME company has recently ... transport. This is the range of professional products that TME focuses on.

A ... well as speakers‘ grills are made of plastic, and complete leakproofness (IP 65) and resistance ... more

... field and low temperature. They are used in telecommunication products, industrial and audio systems, medical appliances, data transmission, computers ... POWER SUPPLY

Power supply includes:

- plastic or metal box made by laser cutting or CNC ... more

Search results for plastic products Found in company directories: 13

Производство на пластмасови изделия и инструментална екипировка /матрици/. Продажба на Шприц Машини HAITIAN и обоурдване SHINI. more

Производство,внос,търговия и дистрибуция на електрически апарати за управление и защита, апарати за контрол и сигнализация, честотни управления за AC двигатели, индуктивни, капацитивни и фотодатчици, индустриални контролери. Метални и пластмасови ... more

Проектиране, производство и търговия с военна и машиностроителна продукция. Утилизация на боеприпаси. Дружеството е производител на: авиационни, артилерийски и инженерни боеприпаси, както и на продукти с гражданско предназначение – противоградови ... more

Внос и търговия на промишлена електро-апаратура и системи за автоматизация. • Промишлени компютри – контролери за автоматизация, индустриални компютри, събиране и визуализация на данни, SCADA. • Операторски панели - Промишлени интерфейсни панели от 4 ... more

Внос и търговия с електроапаратура и материали за електрообзавеждане и автоматизация. Инженеринг и доставка на подови канали и кутии, стенни канали, кабелоносещи скари, колонки и др. Инженеринг, доставка и монтаж на технологични двойни подове. Клеми: ... more

Производство и асемблиране на електронни и електромеханични изделия. Производство на LED лампи и модули. TH монтаж. Безоловна и оловна спойка вълна. SMD монтаж. Шприцване на пластмасови (термопластични) детайли от 30 до 1600 гр. Производство на ... more

Сушилни инсталации - камерни, тунелни, флуидизационни, конвейерни, барабанни, шахтови, вакуумни и др. - производство, доставка и монтаж, за всякакви материали и изделия: сушилни за дървесина, плодове и зеленчуци, билки и гъби, зърнени култури, ... more

Фирмата се занимава с продажба на пневматични и хидравлични изделия и принадлежности. В продуктовата гама са включени изделия като: оборудване за компресори, предпазни и разтоварващи клапани, глави за компресори, фитинги, пресостати, бързи връзки, ... more

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issue 4-2019


productronica 2019 focuses smart factories and smart maintenance

productronica 2019 focuses smart factories and smart maintenance

The world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production productronica 2019 will be held from November 12 to 15, 2019 in Messe Munchen. The main topics of this year’s ... more
SEMICON Europa highlights challenges and opportunities in smart segments

SEMICON Europa highlights challenges and opportunities in smart segments

SEMICON Europa will spotify challenges and opportunities in smart segments such as automotive, medtech, manufacturing and fab management including MEMS and sensors ... more
Next generation of machine technologies at Bumatech Bursa

Next generation of machine technologies at Bumatech Bursa

The event will present the latest novelties in the following product groups: machine tools for metal, sheet metal technologies; tools and turning lathes; drills, holders, cutting tools; press brakes, saws, profile bending machinery; laser cutting, plasma cutting ... more