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Plastic and Rubber processing machinery in Turkey
The Turkish plastic and rubber processing machinery sector is а dynamically developing industry which accounts for a relatively large share of the country’s export business. It is among the areas where Turkey is strongly competitive. The plastics ... more

Remus to build a new production facility in Sanski Most
The Austrian company Remus announced it was building a new manufacturing facility in Sanski Most, a city in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Remus is one of the largest global producers of exhaust pipes for the automotive industry. Currently the ... more

In 1945 MZT Learnica was founded as a department MZT Tito. In 1970 a significant reconstruction with new furnaces and Gisak semi-automatic moulding lines was performed in the foundry. In 2006, the company installed new melting aggregates and agreed ... more

Duzgunler Plastic has a 30.000 m2 closed production area (total area - 100.000m2). Being aware of the importance of getting and applying new technologies, Duzgunler Plastic manufacture machines itself for its production activities by designed and ... more

Interplast manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to the very highest specifications, applicable in water supply, heating and sewerage systems and covering a broad range of applications in the areas of house construction, technical projects and ... more

ALPRO-ATT Ltd. is a private company established in 1992. The company headquarters are in Trogir consisting of the management headquarters, the production plant and the main warehouse. Except for the Trogir headquarters, the company has its business ... more

Chemical industry in TURKEY
Chemicals are indispensable to modern life and the development of the chemical industry has helped to elevate the standard of living, an indicator of the level of industrialization in a country. Chemical industry products contribute significantly to ... more

Kosovo has a long history of metal processing and the sector has undergone major changes over the past twenty years. Generally, the larger previously socially-owned enterprises have almost all disappeared and have been replaced with new and smaller ... more

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Търговия с водни помпи и помпени системи за промишлени и битови нужди, машини за челно и електродифузно заваряване на пластмаси, HDPE, PVC, PP тръби и фасонни части за водоснабдяване, газоснабдяване и канализация, пречиствателни станции за отпадни ... more

Tiemme Raccorderie е световен лидер в производството и предлагането на пазара на водопроводни и отоплителни компоненти, групирани в следните продуктови линии: Месингови, медни и бронзови фитинги за метални, пластмасови и многослойни тръби; Вентили и ... more

Фирмата се занимава с продажба на пневматични и хидравлични изделия и принадлежности. В продуктовата гама са включени изделия като: оборудване за компресори, предпазни и разтоварващи клапани, глави за компресори, фитинги, пресостати, бързи връзки, ... more

Търговия на едро и дребно с кабели и електроматериали, апаратура НН и всичко необходимо за електрооборудване на сгради, офиси и промишлени предприятия. Производство на конзолни и разклонителни кутии за скрит монтаж и гипсокартон. Кутии за открит ... more

Търговия с ел. апаратура и ел. инсталационни изделия: електрически апарати за управление и защита, бутони, сигнални лампи, пултове и кутии, таймери, времерелета, датчици, честотни регулатори и програмируеми модули и контролери производство на ... more

LEISTER - Изключителен дистрибутор и оторизиран сервиз за България и Македония. Продажба и сервиз на професионална техника за заваряване на пластмаси от PE-HD, PE-LD, PVC, PP, PE, PFA, TPO, EVA, ECB, EPDM, PMMA, PC, PVDF, PPS, CSPE, линолеум, битумни ... more

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New exhibition concept for EMO Hannover 2023

New exhibition concept for EMO Hannover 2023

One of the main aims of the new EMO Hannover is to turn into the key meeting point for the industry, not only during the exhibition itself, but also between ... more
WIN EURASIA implements hybrid fair model

WIN EURASIA implements hybrid fair model

Digital exhibitors will have the opportunity to host buyers and display their products in 3D with chat functions and one-to-one video calls in the virtual platform at the exhibition stands ... more
Ecomondo 2021 back to its usual format

Ecomondo 2021 back to its usual format

Organizer Italian Exhibition Group assures that visiting Rimini Exhibition Centre will be extremely safe – all those attending the events will be required to present a Green Pass, have their temperature checked and wear a face mask ... more
5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week to take place in November

5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week to take place in November

Participants will be able to see the offer of hundreds of companies operating in the field of metalworking, welding, surface treatment, 3D printing, robotics, automation, etc. ... more