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Advanced manufacturing opportunities in SEE
... ), manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and chemical products (11%), manufacturing of electrical machinery and equipment (9%), and manufacturing of rubber, plastic, leather and paper products (9%). Over 21 ... more

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Serbia
... fillers; Detergents, soaps and cleaning products; Other chemical products (glues, ether oils); Rubber and plastic products (rubber tires, other rubber products); plastic profiles; plastic packaging; plastics products for construction purposes, etc ... more

... and equipment for plastic and rubber production; Installation services of industrial machinery and equipment for textiles, apparel and ... for plastics and rubber; Repair and maintenance services of other fabricated metal products; Repair and maintenance ... more

... (plastic and rubber products), metals (metal assemblies, agricultural machinery and other machines and devices), tool workshop (mechanical processing, production of tools and preparations for plastics, rubber and ... more

Rubber and plastic products manufacturers in Slovenia
... domestic and foreign companies, two thirds of which develop activities in the plastic processing area ... : tires, rubber belts, environmental protection equipment and rescue products. Slovenian pharmaceuticals and chemicals consumer products as well as ... more

... field of electrical installations, and into an important manufacturer of technical ceramic products, tools and equipment, and plastic and technical rubber products. A substantial element in ... more

Automotive industry in Serbia
... the automotive component production industry in Serbia. These products encompass valves, camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, flywheels ... market, suggesting high product quality. Vehicle plastic and rubber parts are the second most popular only ... more

Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products in Bulgaria: Bunay
... 1968. The company is located in Panagyurishte and has 170 employees. Main products: rubber and plastic products. Bunay SA works for partners such as ... more

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... weak magnetic field and low temperature. They are used in telecommunication products, industrial and audio systems, ... ways: with a metal cap and two rubber discs or with epoxy resin that ... p>Power supply includes:

- plastic or metal box made by laser ... more

Search results for plastic and rubber products Found in company directories: 2

Търговия на едро и дребно с кабели и електроматериали, апаратура НН и всичко необходимо за електрооборудване на сгради, офиси и промишлени предприятия. Производство на конзолни и разклонителни кутии за скрит монтаж и гипсокартон. Кутии за открит ... more

Фирмата се занимава с продажба на пневматични и хидравлични изделия и принадлежности. В продуктовата гама са включени изделия като: оборудване за компресори, предпазни и разтоварващи клапани, глави за компресори, фитинги, пресостати, бързи връзки, ... more

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Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-drift amplifiers, meaning amplifiers that implement a continuously self-correcting architecture, have received a lot of fanfare due to the high level of DC precision that they enable ... more
Passive Matrix OLEDs

Passive Matrix OLEDs

For some time now, passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays have also been hugely popular, for example in the industrial sector. Vibrant colors, unique contrasts, and high resolutions as well as ... more
Security is changing in the IoT era

Security is changing in the IoT era

With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions that help reduce power consumption while adding robust security. Enter Microchip, manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and semiconductor devices, ... more