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Using low power, wireless ad hoc local mesh network technology with cellular gateway to enhance smart sensor solutions

A major challenge industry faces today is digitalization of conventional processes, extending machinery with low power, feature rich microcontroller-based electronics to collect sensor readings, and forward data to a Cloud Database


Westinghouse signs key contract for new reactor with Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP-Newbuild

Work is commencing per the agreement to assess Bulgarian industry and the existing infrastructure at the Kozloduy site for its potential to support the construction of an AP1000 reactor


TIMTOS to welcome buyers from around the world in March 2023

The exhibition will feature intelligent machines, necessary components, and intelligent manufacturing solutions that will cover the entire metalworking production process


Senstar opens software development branch in Romania

Senstar, specialised in video management solutions and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), has opened a software development branch in Timisoara


The finalists in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2020 contest in Bulgaria

All finalists in the contest are granted the right to use the Excellence in Innovation label of the Applied Research and Communications Fund and provided opportunities for reaching potential international partners and clients in all economic fields through the Enterprise Europe Network, which is active in over 60 countries


e-IoT Platform 2021

Universal Electricity Meter Test Bench with Five Positions TST 3/5 Universal

It can test mechanical or electronic meters, single-phase or three-phase; for active, reactive or apparent energy; Tests - Error, Register, Starting Current, No Load, Meter Constant


Circular economy opportunities in the European machine tool sector

A recently published report on the European machine tool sector, conducted and published by CECIMO, defines the sector as an industry having high potential to benefit from circular economy practices and approaches


Automotive sector in Türkiye

Turkey`s automotive industry has longstanding traditions in the country and from assembly-based production gradually became an industry with R&D design capability and high added value. The sector has been of key value to local production input over the years, with the partnerships established by foreign companies with Turkish entrepreneurs


Search results for modular Found in advertising publications: 11

Schwabische Werkzeugmaschinen




The new BA 711 space single-table
machine is specially designed for
machining large, complex workpieces.
SW machining centres stand for more
flexibility, modularity, ... more

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente



Easy approach and quick proof of concept for fi rm- and hardware
designers based on the features of the Infi neon ... more

Schwabishe Werkzeugmaschinen


More flexibility, productivity,
connectivity and modularity for your

The new series of single-table machines
from SW enable the machining of
particulary large ... more

IOW Bulgaria

NEW IN-LINE HELICAL GEARBOXES FOR MINING INDUSTRY SERIE RD - VARVEL The Italian manufacturer Varvel S.p.a. - a leader in the field of drive components technology ... more

Microchip Technology

Be the Conductor!

Faster PIC32 Development with Fewer Resources

Code Interoperability

Modular architecture allows drivers and libraries to work together with

minimal effort

Faster Time to Market

Integrated single platform enables shorter ... more


Technology and industrial equipment

GALIKA is the official representative

for Bulgaria of the following

machine tool manufacturers:

• EDM die-sinking and wire cutting machines

• Laser ablasion ... more

VIA Expo

South-East Europe is on track with a sustainable development

Exhibition and Forum on Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Smart Cities, Elevators, Environment and Waste Management (5-7 March 2014, Sofia, ... more


CAPRONI JSC - Manufacturer of Hydraulic Products

Caproni JSC produces hydraulic elements and systems for integration in mobile and stationary industrial equipment. The company products find application ... more


The Fronius CL combines high-yield power electronics with the unique, modular system

design of up to 15 identical power modules in the MIX™ concept. Maximum yield and ... more


Product NEWS from TME

TME offer includes MFC12x, MFF12x, MFI12x, MFT12x smart connectors. The connectors are used to adopt any binary sensor with standard M12 connector. Standard ... more

LATEST issue 3/2023

issue 3-2023



Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

Electrical mobility in Türkiye – trends and opportunities

To ensure that charging systems grow in tandem with vehicle sales, the Turkish government must coordinate the deployment of public and private charging infrastructure to support all kinds of EV ... more
Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

Pharmaceutical industry in Romania

With average annual sales of 8,3 billion RON, the pharmaceutical business in Romania is thriving. The pharmaceutical industry`s value chain has grown dramatically in the past years across all segments. ... more
Serbian metal and machinery industry

Serbian metal and machinery industry

The metal processing and machinery sector in Serbia has a long history of development and it`s among the leading national production and manufacturing industries and one of the most important pillars of the local economy today ... more
Energy sector in North Macedonia

Energy sector in North Macedonia

In order to become a member of the European Union (EU), North Macedonia is currently standardizing and privatization its energy industry. The country has a great energy potential due to its favorable geographical location, natural resources and climatic ... more
Biodiesel production in SEE

Biodiesel production in SEE

During the last decade, the consumption of renewable diesel in Europe strongly increased, going from 14,3 million cubic metres in 2011 to about 19 million in 2019 ... more
LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED lighting manufacturing in Türkiye

LED manufacturing today is one of the most important segments of the Turkish lighting industry with numerous economic, social and technological factors contributing to its further development. The production and market challenges due to the COVID pandemic have ... more
Chemical production in Croatia

Chemical production in Croatia

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, together with plastics and rubber processing are an integral part of the Croatian economy ... more