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Greece’s mining industry

The mining industry has strong outward-looking features, since exports account for more than 65% of sales, and for some minerals Greece holds a leading position in the global market


Metallurgy in Albania

Rich in natural resources, Albania is a part of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in order to modernise and promote good governance of the extractive industries


Processing industry in Montenegro

Industry in Montenegro has been the powertrain of the country`s economical development over the last sixty years. Metallurgy (aluminum and steel), power and transport are the key sectors today. The processing sector (metal, wood, food, paper, textile processing, etc.), although it sporadically suffers from recession, remains among the main pillars of Montenegro`s economy


Metal Processing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

The Serbian metal industry has a long tradition and is still currently one of the most important sectors of country’s economy. Nearly 5000 business companies are active in the Serbian metal processing sector. The metal processing sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with base metal production, has traditionally been the country’s strongest and most successful industry and export sector. 


Mineral and mining industry in Southeast Europe

The mining industry in Europe has a rich, longstanding, and at some points varied history. While it is currently held in low regard for largely fallacious reasons and thus faces many challenges, its actual spread and diversity surprise. 


Pord Masinoproekt

Bartec Varnost

Bartec Varnost is a company established in 1958. From its foundation to the present day, the company is engaged and specializes in the development and production of explosion protected electrical devices. 


The European Mining Business Forum 2016: Investments for Sustainable Development

The fourth edition of the European Mining Business Forum (EMBF) will be held on September 13th this year in Hilton Hotel, Sofia.


Search results for mining industry Found in advertising publications: 2

IOW Bulgaria

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The E-IOT Mesh with the new cityBox device as a gateway

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Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

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