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"PCB and EMS Industry in Bulgaria" – cover story in the upcoming SEEIM
... IN BULGARIA The initiative aims to present the leading manufacturing and sales companies in the country, working in ... and printed format, with maximum coverage of the electronic manufacturing sector in individual markets, as well as the manufacturers ... more

Advanced manufacturing opportunities in SEE
... chemicals, sugar, tires, clothes, pharmaceuticals. The manufacturing of vehicle chassis system parts, especially tires and ... , the research further explains. Turkey Advanced manufacturing technologies are increasingly being implemented across Turkey, ... more

Processing industry in Montenegro
... sectors identified with strong growth and export potential include: Manufacturing industry – agro-food, wood processing, metal and ... products. It established the first factories for manufacturing of work, commercial and sports clothing in Montenegro ... more

Automotive sector in Turkey
... operations in Turkey. These investments significantly expanded their manufacturing capabilities, which in turn led Turkey to ... hybrid solutions in all vehicle segments in its manufacturing program. The developments scope includes electric vehicles` ... more

EMO Hannover 2019 – a peak at the future of production technologies
... the latest innovations for machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, automation components, computer ... mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories for manufacturing technology; measurement, testing and analysis equipment; ... more

pro-micron showcases its patented technology spike at EMO 2019
... . The technology is already in operation at many global manufacturing companies Bosch, MTU or tool makers for tool development ... more

Актуални тенденции при инструментите
... за “производство до почти окончателна форма” (near net shape manufacturing). Целта на тази концепция е да се намалят производствените ... more

Robotics 2020 in Ljubljana will focus on smart industry solutions
... -makers who want to invest in future technologies, advanced manufacturing applications and cross platform development effectively, such as representatives ... more

Search results for manufacturing Found in advertising publications: 59

KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe
... to accent on is the fact that we are manufacturing both types of cogeneration technology: gas turbines and gas ... more

LEM International
levels of quality and traceability using
advanced manufacturing techniques.
Offset drift is over four times lower ... more

Comet Electronics
... design department works in close cooperation with our manufacturing services and the products we design have optimized ... may increase dramatically the overall project cost. Prototype manufacturing and working as a partner to design engineers ... more

... tools with automated part selection, design verification
and manufacturing report generation
www ... more

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Manufacturing Operations


Seco Tools
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Innovation through Inspiration
Manufacturing Best
Practice Conference


Essex Europe
... with more than 85 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing copper and aluminum wire and cable ... and generators. Through its extensive, complementary and flexible manufacturing network, Essex Europe offers the broadest product range on ... more

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... в областта на Системи за оперативно управление на производството (Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES), планиране на производството (APS) и Интегрирани ... more

Производство и продажба на аварийни разговорни устройста за асансьор (алармиране през GSM при аварийна ситуация в асансьор).Проектиране, производство, доставка, монтаж и сервиз на алармени системи и компоненти. GSM дайлери. СОД, базиран на GSM ... more

Производствена и инженерингова дейност в страната и чужбина в областта на промишлената и комунално-битова енергетика, в т.ч. проектиране, производство, монтаж и ремонт на парни и водогрейни котли, съдове под налягане, топлотехнически съжръжения, ... more

Производство и продажба на LED осветление, авто и офис охранителни системи. Производство и продажба на автомобилни газови/метанови инжекционни системи. Внос на активни и пасивни електронни компоненти. more

Производство и реализация на токови измервателни и напреженови трансформатори HH и CH за вътрешен монтаж с клас на точност 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5, 0.5S, 5P, 10Р и 20Р и номинална мощност от 5 до 60VA в диапазона на номинални токове от 5/5 А до 3000/5/5/5/5 А ... more

Производство на средства за автоматизация; програмируеми контролери, терморегулатори, дозатори за течности за ХВП, усилватели за пропорционални вентили (клапани, разпределители) и др.; инженеринг; производство на устройства за тест на акумулатори, ... more

Произвежда метални конструкции и части от конструкции. Производство на стоматологични инструменти и консумативи, оборудване за медицински, козметични и масажни кабинети. more

Електрически табла, инсталации, уреди, съоръжения, кабелни захранвания, електрически системи. Производство на комплектни трансформаторни подстанции. Комплексни трансформаторни подстанции КТП и БКТП, възлови подстанции, ел. табла, реконструкции, ... more

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Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-drift amplifiers, meaning amplifiers that implement a continuously self-correcting architecture, have received a lot of fanfare due to the high level of DC precision that they enable ... more
Passive Matrix OLEDs

Passive Matrix OLEDs

For some time now, passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays have also been hugely popular, for example in the industrial sector. Vibrant colors, unique contrasts, and high resolutions as well as ... more
Security is changing in the IoT era

Security is changing in the IoT era

With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions that help reduce power consumption while adding robust security. Enter Microchip, manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and semiconductor devices, ... more