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IstanbulLight`s 13th edition scheduled for October 2021
The 13th International Lighting & Electricity Equipment Fair and Congress IstanbulLight is scheduled to take place from 6 to 9 October 2021 at Istanbul Expo Center. The biannual event is organised by Informa Markets under the energy portfolio, and ... more

Hybrid Power Controllers – Bridging the Analog and Digital Domain
Arild Rodland Microchip Technology You may have noticed how more and more electronic devices continue to fill up your life. Devices that used to be quite simple and mundane seem to evolve into smarter and more complex technologies. Even your simple ... more

The finalists in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2020 contest in Bulgaria
The Innovative Enterprise of the Year national contest is organized by the Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting, the Bulgarian department of Еnterprise Europe Network, with the support of the European Commission’s Directorate- ... more

En-route to the high-rise farm with LEDs
Safa Demir, Rutronik The world is facing two major challenges - rising population and climate change - which if no appropriate solutions are found, will result in food shortages. One outstanding response to the challenge is vertical agriculture in ... more

Kranj will become the first smart city in Slovenia thanks to digital technologies
Local Slovenian companies collaborate in a pilot project that will pave the way for the smart future of Kranj. The solutions implemented through the project Smart Mlaka (Pametna Mlaka in Slovenian) in line with the guidelines of the municipality ... more

How to prevent dropped communication in critical IoT applications
Jason Tollefson, Microchip Technology We’ve all had it happen: one minute we are talking on a mobile phone, and the next minute our call dropped, and we are disconnected. We feel inconvenienced when this happens. Perhaps we were in the middle of an ... more

Cable harness manufacturing in Bulgaria
A group of cables or wires which are assembled into a single unit that transmits digital or analogue audio or video signals, electrical power, and/or data is known as a cable assembly/harness. Other commonly used terms for a cable harness include ... more

North Macedonia to comply with EU energy acquis thorough ESCO projects
Thanks to a new Energy Efficiency Law that the country passed at the end of February, Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESCO) will be implemented in North Macedonia for the first time. The undertakings are facilitated by EBRD through Regional ... more

Search results for lighting Found in advertising publications: 107

Лумекс Лайтинг


Висок клас италиански тоководещи шини и
системи за LED осветление MULTISYSTEM от

А A.G.

Comet Electronics


Your solution partner for
Seamless Integration
of Design Assistance,
Sourcing and Assembly

Ти Ви Ей Проджект

Europe´s largest inventory of Passive, Interconnect, Relay & Switch and Discrete Components

Тонка Василева: +359 52 511059, +359 886 001620
www. ... more



Outdoor lighting




LED lighting



Europe`s largest inventory of Passive, Interconnect, Relay & Switch and Discrete Components

Tonka Vasileva: +359 52 511059, +359 886 001620

TTI is stocking Crydom ... more



LED lighting





It´s time to switch to LED!

ФИЛКАБ и GE Lighting - енергоспестяване чрез замяната на конвенционално с LED осветление

Компанията ФИЛКАБ предлага замяна ... more

Search results for lighting Found in company directories: 85

TUNGSRAM/GE Lighting - представителство за България. Интериорно и екстериорно осветление. Осветителни тела за индустриални, спортни обекти, битови и административни сгради, улично и тунелно осветление. Осветители със специално предназначение. ... more

Комплексни и специализирани решения за осветление, базирани на LED технологии и системи; Проектиране на нови осветителни уредби и реконструиране на такива с най-съвременни технологии в областта на LED осветлението; Програмиране, управление и контрол ... more

Търговия на едро с осветителна техника, материали и компоненти. Доставчик на LED лампи и осветители, както и на конвенционално осветление - луминесцентни лампи, металхалогенни лампи, специални лампи, натриеви лампи и други. Първият официален вносител ... more

Фирма Еспика е с дългогодишен опит в производството на LED осветителни тела - улично осветление, градинско и парково осветление, промишлено осветление, прожектори и др. more

Официален дистрибутор на АББ България за продукти ниско напрежение. Представител на: LB Light LTD- LED осветителни тела, LED светлоизточници, електро-материали и др. EL-BI (A member of the ABB Group) - ключове и контакти; NILSON - ключове и контакти ... more

Предлагайки на българския пазар LED компоненти с приложение в осветителната и информационна техника, реклама и др. иновативни технологии на водещи световни производители като CREE, SAMSUNG LED, LedLink Optics, High Power Lighting corp., REFOND, LEDIL ... more

Осветителна техника, източници на светлина, специални източници на светлина, LED осветление, електроматериали, електроапаратура НН, кабели, мълниезащита, вентилация, батерии, крепежни изделия и др. more

Предлага всички видове лампи, ПРА и запални устройства - за луминесцентни, натриеви и металохалогенни лампи, високочестотни баласти. Осветителни тела за индустриално, улично, спортно, офис осветление и осветление на магазини и търговски обекти. ... more

LATEST issue 3/2021

issue 3-2021



New exhibition concept for EMO Hannover 2023

New exhibition concept for EMO Hannover 2023

One of the main aims of the new EMO Hannover is to turn into the key meeting point for the industry, not only during the exhibition itself, but also between ... more
WIN EURASIA implements hybrid fair model

WIN EURASIA implements hybrid fair model

Digital exhibitors will have the opportunity to host buyers and display their products in 3D with chat functions and one-to-one video calls in the virtual platform at the exhibition stands ... more
Ecomondo 2021 back to its usual format

Ecomondo 2021 back to its usual format

Organizer Italian Exhibition Group assures that visiting Rimini Exhibition Centre will be extremely safe – all those attending the events will be required to present a Green Pass, have their temperature checked and wear a face mask ... more
5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week to take place in November

5th edition of Warsaw Industry Week to take place in November

Participants will be able to see the offer of hundreds of companies operating in the field of metalworking, welding, surface treatment, 3D printing, robotics, automation, etc. ... more