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Smart city infrastructure in Croatia
... & Trade reports. Contribution of the industrial sector Smart cities are the new ... result is the reduction of CO2 emissions, which in 2014 amounted to ... on industry-led developmental and industrial research and marketability within particular thematic ... more

One of the hallmarks of glasstec is its participants` outstanding willingness to invest
... Tuesday programme will be all about glass melting and emissions, presented by two partners: the Research Association of the ... more

A waste-oil recycling project to be implemented in Romani
... producing heat, generating significant quantities of greenhouse gas emissions"", EBRD further informs. The new company is ... of Romania’s critical issues, namely, domestic and industrial recycling facilities. We are constantly preoccupied with the ... more

The Macedonian industry discussed the proposed regulation for industrial emissions
... the meeting was to discuss the proposed regulation for industrial emissions. The members of the bigger manufacturing and energy companies ... more

Bosnia`s Ugljevik power plant initiates a project for cleaner production
... help Bosnia and Herzegovina in the reduction of gas emissions and meeting EU norms. The country’s 300 megawatt ... be considered. Therefore, in line with the EU-wide Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), the coal power plants face tighter pollution ... more

EBRD supports a major resource-efficient enterprise at Tupras, Turkey
... that will take place at the biggest industrial company in Turkey - the oil refining ... of the refineries and will reduce CO2 emissions and water use by 270,000 ... reforms. The fact that the biggest industrial company in Turkey has started taking measures ... more

Turkish Ege Profil granted a 26 million loan for the construction of high-technology plant
... is moving production from Cigli to the more specialized industrial zone in Menemen in order to increase its operational ... of those measures is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the country by more than 645,000 tonnes ... more

The new kiln in Devnya Cement plant has been switched on
... in the last 25 years, we have improved the industrial efficiency of our production facility and ensured alignment with ... mitigation systems, which ensure a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Source: Italcementi more

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хагема индустриал сървисес

TimeLine neo
Едно решение и всичко е под контрол

Иновативно ERP решение
за малки и средни предприятия

персонална поддръжка
индивидуално ... more

Via Expo
... Management in the World’s Cities

•Bulgarian Industrial Association - Legislation & Main Issues in Waste Management in Bulgaria ... and Future Challenges in the Control of Flue Gas Emissions and Residues Management in WtE Plants

•Recycling ... more

Search results for industrial emissions Found in company directories: 5

Фирма Индустриал партс е специализирана в търговията с промишлена водопроводна и ... more

Мава Индустриал АД доставя на българската индустрия комплексни решения в опаковането ... more

Когенерации от всякакъв вид, котли, парни турбини, абсорбционни чилъри, индустриални филтри за изгорели газове, индустриални сушилни и др. Разработване на проекти за намаляване на емисиите на CO2. more

Внедряване на ко-генерационни инсталации (газови турбини, газови двигатели, газификация на биомаса, биогаз); Котли за изгряне на отпадъчна биомаса и въглища с и без парни турбини; Котли за пелети; Системи за повишаване на енергийната ефективност в ... more

Резалта разработва, финансира и изпълнява проекти за енергийна ефективност и възобновяема енергия. Прилагаме интегриран подход, като целта е да се намали енергийното потребление, оптимизирайки процеси свързани с технологично охлаждане, отопление, ... more

LATEST issue 3/2019

issue 3-2019


Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-drift amplifiers, meaning amplifiers that implement a continuously self-correcting architecture, have received a lot of fanfare due to the high level of DC precision that they enable ... more
Passive Matrix OLEDs

Passive Matrix OLEDs

For some time now, passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays have also been hugely popular, for example in the industrial sector. Vibrant colors, unique contrasts, and high resolutions as well as ... more
Security is changing in the IoT era

Security is changing in the IoT era

With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions that help reduce power consumption while adding robust security. Enter Microchip, manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and semiconductor devices, ... more