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Automotive electronics manufacturing in Bulgaria

The production of automotive components is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Bulgarian economy in recent years. According to the Bulgarian Investment Agency, 80% of all sensors and over 90% of airbag sensors in European cars are produced in Bulgaria


Reducing size, noise, and field failures of transportation APUs - designers are finally able to extract disruptive system-level benefits of SiC technology

APU performance and reability can also be optimized using digital programmable gate drivers that enable overshoot voltage and switching losses to be fine-tuned on the fly


Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, Lyubomir Stanislavov: The automotive sector has established Bulgaria`s place on the European high-tech industrial map

In a special interview for the magazine arch. Stanislavov comments the current technology trends in the automotive sector and the role of Bulgaria-based electronic component manufacturers for the regional and global automotive industry


Slovenia’s electronic components market

Due to its unique geographical position, Slovenia provides an ideal business location as a headquarters for a company’s business activities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans


Ruggedness and Reliability – A Journey Beyond the Datasheet

Digital programmable gate drivers, available as printed circuit board (PCB) plug-and-play or core drivers, provide engineers with tools to optimize system performance and tune the system to the application with minimal hardware modifications


Development of the machine tool market in Turkey and Bulgaria

Having strong traditions in the manufacture and trade of metalworking machines, Bulgaria and Turkey today are facing the challenge to restore the stability of their domestic machine tool markets and develop new strategies for the foreign ones in order to return to their pre-pandemic economic sustainability. The first positive results of the targeted efforts of the industry are already visible


Packaging industry in Turkey

According to a report by the Turkish Ministry of trade, over the last five years the average annual growth rate of the packaging industry in the country has been 6%, and it is expected to remain the same in the coming years


En-route to the high-rise farm with LEDs

With the latest LED technology, which emits very little heat, light sources can be provided close to the cultivated plants without burning them


Plastic and Rubber processing machinery in Turkey

The Turkish plastic and rubber processing machinery sector is dynamically developing industry which accounts for a relatively large share of the country`s export business. It is among the areas where Turkey is strongly competitive



Search results for drivers Found in advertising publications: 8

Microchip Technology

Open the Door to IoT
Wi-Fi® Meets Open-Source Linux®

Enable Wi-Fi on any Linux-based MPU with Microchip’s turn-key, pre-certified Wi-Fi modules with Mainline
Linux ... more


High end industrial displays

Zoltàn, Kiss MSc – Export manager – Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

Since many years one can experience fight on the ... more

Microchip Technology

Discover Your Power

Flexibility to Choose the Desired Power Solution

As a leading supplier with a comprehensive power management and monitoring
portfolio, Microchip gives ... more

Microchip Technology

Be the Conductor!

Faster PIC32 Development with Fewer Resources

Code Interoperability

Modular architecture allows drivers and libraries to work together with

minimal effort

Faster Time to Market

Integrated single platform enables shorter ... more



Software, development systems

Electronic components, measuring instruments,

controllers and interface and protection components

VHF/UHF/Pulsed L-, C-,

S-Band transistors, pallets, MPA

8051 and ARM-M3 architecture FLASH ... more


Silicon Labs, USA - FLASH Microcontrollers, SLIC & CODEC, Modems, FM/Satellite Receivers, High-Performance Oscillators and Clocks, Current and Digital Isolators, POE, Multiband Receivers and Tranceivers

TERIDIAN Semiconductor, ... more


LED Controllers from NEON-EC

NEON-EC offers highly effective decisions for light engineering on the power LEDs base.

There are LEDs of leading world manufactures, such as CREE, SAMSUNG ... more


LED Drivers from ZMDI

Enabling Energy Effi cient LED Lighting solutions / LEDdrivers

• Up to 95 % effi ciency

• 750 mA to 1A Output current

• Wide input ... more

LATEST issue 4/2022

issue 4-2022



Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics offers development service from the idea to the complete product, according to customer’s needs. The company’s design department works in close cooperation with its manufacturing units and the ... more
Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH success on the International Plovdiv Technical Fair

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH success on the International Plovdiv Technical Fair

Zoltan Kiss, Export manager and Head of R&D in Endrich, gives more details about the highlights in the company’s participation at this year’s edition of the International technical fair in ... more
e-IoT success strories in 2022

e-IoT success strories in 2022

The 2020 debut of the E-IoT concept at the EmbeddedWord 2020 exhibition in Nuremberg has already predicted that the engineering community in the field of IoT will welcome the introduction of a complete test infrastructure to support their ... more