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Development of the machine tool market in Turkey and Bulgaria
In 2021 the global machine tool market looks quite different from the early forecasts made by analysts during the previous decade. One of the main reasons for this, among many other natural business causes, is a large-scale event of international ... more

Bulgarian market for metal cutting tools
The development of the global market of metal cutting tools nowadays is dynamic and saturated with high technologies, technical innovations and new developments in the field of production materials, geometries and coatings. The Bulgarian market is ... more

Automotive components production in North Macedonia
With nearly 30 000 employees in numerous established companies contributing approximately 40% to annual exports, North Macedonia has become a key manufacturing location in Eastern Europe for first and second tier suppliers to the automotive ... more

Metal cutting machine tools manufacturers and suppliers in SEE
According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, published in 2020, the global metal cutting tools market size amounted to USD 77,24 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 101,48 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4,2% during the ... more

Fieramilano to host Lamiera from 25 to 28 May 2022
The biennial trade show Lamiera focused on the industry of sheet-metal forming machine tools and innovative technologies related to the sector, scheduled to take place at fieramilano Rho from 26 to 29 May 2021, has been officially postponed for one ... more

Packaging industry in Turkey
The packaging sector in Turkey is a well-developed industry, which follows the global trends in the field and over the last few years has seen an increase in terms of innovations and environment friendly production. Furthermore, new packaging ... more

We have the experience and knowledge to deal with any challenge
Georgi Rusev, Managing Director of Elsim Commerce, for South-East European Industrial Market Elsim Commerce manufactures cable harnesses and assemblies with diverse application. How do current restrictions affect your business? Having started our ... more

Sheet metal processing industry in Bulgaria
Sheet metal is one of the major materials utilized in metal working as it allows to be cut and bent in various shapes. The thickness value of these metals varies widely, with ultra-thin sheets considered as leaf or foil, and pieces thicker than 6 mm ... more

Search results for cutting tools Found in advertising publications: 22

Seco Tools


Елиминирайте проблемите при настройка. Със Seco Assistant,
нашето ново мобилно приложение ... more

Seco Tools

A large cutting tool inventory
with too many single use tools;
poor tool life or unreliable
machining operation.

A supremely flexible cutter
optimized for a wide range ... more

Хофман Консулт България

Hofmann Consult

 HCBG Tools




Новият CURVENMAX е тук!

С новите фрези за сложни и дъгообразни контури на
Inovatools Вие откривате най-иновативната ... more

Seco Tools


Maximize machine output and
reduce cost per cutting edge in
your face-milling operations with
the Seco ... more

Делфи Инженеринг

In the world of champions!

1700 София
кв. Витоша, бл. 5Б, ап.33
телефон: +359 897 226 118

What ... more

Seco Tools

Seco’s complete Duratomic
insert grade chain now includes
even more sizes and geometries
for TP and TK turning grade
inserts. Unique edge-detection
coating technology helps eliminate
waste by making it quick

Делфи Инженеринг

In the world of champions!

4500 Панагюрище
ул. Захари Стоянов 70, 0897 226 118


What can we do ... more

Search results for cutting tools Found in company directories: 28

Отрикс ЕООД, гр. Габрово е инженерингова компания, специализираща се в доставката на висококачествени, съвременни инструменти на водещи световни производители, лидери в областта си. Фирмата осъществява дейност по доставка на пълен спектър на ... more

Фирма ДЖИ ОЙЛ ЕКСПЕРТ ЕООД е създадена през 2006 година и е специализирана в дистрибуцията на продукти използвани в индустриалния сектор и по-специално в сектор металообработка. Фирмата е официален представител и дистрибутор на следните производители ... more

Евромаркет БРД е компания от холдинга на Евромаркет Груп, специализирана в доставка и сервиз на индустриални машини и оборудване. Нейната дейност е разделена в две бизнес направления: Евромаркет Метал - доставка, консултации, запуск, сервиз и ... more

Фирма Солтех e официален представител на Hoffmann Group – водеща германска компания за висококачествени инструменти и производствено оборудване в Европа, представена със собствените си марки GARANT и HOLEX. Заедно с тях се предлагат и продуктите на ... more

Технокорп ЕООД е фирма за доставка на металорежещи инструменти и технологична екипировка. Предлагаме инструменти с различни характеристики и предназначение, така че да отговорят на конкретните нужди на клиента, съобразно дейността му и спецификата на ... more

Производство на монолитни твърдосплавни инструменти (стандартни и специални). Доставка на инструменти със сменяеми твърдосплавни и PCD пластини. Услуги по презаточване и покриване на инструменти и детайли. more

Внос на металорежещи, твърдосплавни, абразивни, диамантни и мерителни инструменти. Презаточване на металорежещи инструменти. Производство на настолни машини за презаточване на свредла. more

Дистрибутор на KYOCERA, Япония, фирма с традиции в производството на металорежещи инструменти, за продажба на металорежещи инструменти в България. Металорежещи инструменти за струговане, фрезоване, пробиване, разстъргване и резбонарязване. Прецизна ... more

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Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

This year, there was a special focus on combating the impending environmental disaster in the Sea of Marmara, where algae slime blankets on a historic scale have formed over the ... more
The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

Machinery and equipment, processes, toolmaking and mould fabrication, foundries and associated technologies will be showcased in the four halls ... more
30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

Exhibitors at the fair will have the opportunity to expand their business network and customer portfolio and gain access to new markets by meeting decision makers from the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, Western and Central Asia, Middle ... more