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Latest innovations in consumer electronics at IFA Berlin
... 11 September 2019 the 9th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics – Berlin (“ICCE-Berlin”) also takes place. ... systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications in consumer electronics. The conference also serves as a platform ... more

Advanced manufacturing opportunities in SEE
... the latest technical and technological requirements. In addition, durable consumer goods, electronics, chemicals, machinery, steel, construction, textiles, energy and mining ... more

TAITRA, Patty Lin: We expect expanding cooperation between the two countries
... of the aerospace, automobile, medical, high-tech products and consumer electronics industries. Taiwanese machine tool producers are also able to ... more

Largonet Ltd. offers variety of electronics design and production services to other manufacturing companies
... beginning we have been producing our own line of consumer electronics, marketed under "MIDI Boutique" brand ( This ... more

Outsourcing Electronic Manufacturing in Bulgaria
... has well-developed educational system specializing in electronics, engineering, and computer sciences. The country ... , lighting, renewable and conventional energy equipment, consumer electronics, security, defense, telecommunications and others. Among ... more

Electronic manufacturing in Bulgaria
... , renewable and conventional energy equipment and consumer electronics. Some of the most popular product groups ... defense, renewable and conventional energy equipment and consumer electronics markets. Additionally, the majority of manufacturers have ... more

HI-TECH Corporation
... to 36 layers for the automotive, communication and electronics sectors. The company was established as a ... from market sectors such as automotive, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics, power and medical industries. Double sided and ... more

... The company produces components for famous brands in consumer electronics like Tefal, Rowenta, De Longi. IMI manufactures ... the leading international suppliers to the automotive, consumer electronics and industrial appliance markets. The main factors ... more

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Mitsubishi Electric Europe
... information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, as well as in products for the ... more

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... България през 2008 г. и е част от Renesas Electronics Corporation. Занимава се с проектиране на ASICs и ASSP ... more

Окта Лайт България АД е създадена през 2010 година като научно-изследователски и производствен център за разработване и производство на мощни светодиоди. Компанията притежава модерна технологична база в завода си в гр. Годеч в България, включваща над ... more

Разработка и производство на промишлена и потребителска електроника; индукционни захранвания и генератори с различна мощност, системи за индукционно запечатване. Индустриален софтуер; специализирани системи за автоматизация. more

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Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-Drift Amplifiers Offer Superior Precision at the Cost of Time Domain Performance

Zero-drift amplifiers, meaning amplifiers that implement a continuously self-correcting architecture, have received a lot of fanfare due to the high level of DC precision that they enable ... more
Passive Matrix OLEDs

Passive Matrix OLEDs

For some time now, passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays have also been hugely popular, for example in the industrial sector. Vibrant colors, unique contrasts, and high resolutions as well as ... more
Security is changing in the IoT era

Security is changing in the IoT era

With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions that help reduce power consumption while adding robust security. Enter Microchip, manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and semiconductor devices, ... more