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Chemicals and materials for electronics production
According to a recently published report by the electronic chemicals and materials market size is projected to grow from USD 58,8 billion in 2020 to USD 81,7 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6,8% ... more

New investment project for water and sanitation services in Smolyan, Bulgaria
Improved water and wastewater services will be developed in Bulgaria’s Smolyan region under a new investment project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and co-financed by the European Union. EBRD is providing a ... more

Advanced manufacturing opportunities in SEE
The European Union is constatntly striving to stimulate the implementation of advanced technologies in the European manufacturing industry. There is a specially assigned unit - Task Force for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Clean Production ... more

The Aluminium and Zinc Foundry LLC - Resen produces high quality aluminium and zinc effluences by using a technology of high pressure casting. The company follows the production program of the factory producing heating items - Algreta, and has also ... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina receives EUR 20 million support for a modern water system
Bosna and Herzegovina has received over EUR 20 million in total from three European institutions for the reconstruction and implementation of a new modern water system for clean water in Bijeliijna. The new system is supported by the European bank ... more

Mi Plan EOOD has been founded in 2012 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The core business of the company is: Development of investment projects in HVAC and EE (Energy Efficiency) design; Supply of equipment for heating, ventilation and air- ... more

Modernization of water and wastewater facilities in BiH town of Gradacac
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is improving the water supply and modernising wastewater treatment facilities in the municipality of Gradacac in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a sovereign loan of up to 6 million euro. The ... more

Inteco Industrial, part of the Transimpex Bulgaria group of companies, offers a complete range of lighting solutions
Inteco Industrial is part of the manufacturing and distribution group of companies Transimpex Bulgaria whose principal activities are the manufacturing and local and international distribution of a wide range of industrial products. Inteco ... more

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Внос и продажба на центробежни помпи за чиста и отпадъчна вода. Внос и продажба на оборудване за пречистване на чиста и отпадъчна вода. Внос и продажба на филтри и филтърни системи за чиста вода. more

АКВАФОР предоставя професионални решения за пречистване на вода за крайни и бизнес клиенти, медицински и държавни учреждения и производства и предприятия. От 1992г., АКВАФОР проектира и произвежда широка гама от филтри, системи и комплексни решения, ... more

Дейността на фирма Хидро Крафт е свързана с изграждането на сондажни кладенци, хидрофорни уредби, септични и дренажни колектори, пречиствателни станции за питейна вода и отпадни води, третиране и обработка, чрез омекотяване (обратна осмоза ), UV - ... more

Официален вносител на помпи SIGMA-HRANICE и SIGMA-1868 за циркулация на гореща вода, потопяеми в чисти и замърсени води, резервни части и сервиз. Официален вносител на JUNG Pumpen - Германия за помпи и помпени модули за отпадни води и дренаж. ... more

Продажба от внос на контролно-измервателна апаратура за анализ на води, въздух и почви. Сервиз, консумативи и принадлежности. Класификация на чисти стаи. more

Енергийна Агенция – Пловдив е организация за научни изследвания и развойна дейност, разработваща и прилагаща технически, социални и екологични иновации в областта на ЕЕ и ВЕИ; енергийно ефективни инженерни решения, модерни възобновяеми биогорива, ... more

ТОТАЛНА ПРОТИВОПОЖАРНА ЗАЩИТА И СИГУРНОСТ – СИНХРОН-С ООД е инженерингова компания с водещ опит в областта на пожарната безопасност и сигурността повече от 25 години. Дейността ни обхваща проектиране, изграждане, въвеждане в експлоатация и поддържане ... more

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Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

Environmental industry met at IFAT Eurasia 2021 in Istanbul

This year, there was a special focus on combating the impending environmental disaster in the Sea of Marmara, where algae slime blankets on a historic scale have formed over the ... more
The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

The die casting sector to gather at EUROGUSS 2022

Machinery and equipment, processes, toolmaking and mould fabrication, foundries and associated technologies will be showcased in the four halls ... more
30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

30th edition of Plast Eurasia to be held in December

Exhibitors at the fair will have the opportunity to expand their business network and customer portfolio and gain access to new markets by meeting decision makers from the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe, Western and Central Asia, Middle ... more