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Connected "smart" devices – Applying E-IoT in practice – The "smart" doorbell project

Using an NB-IoT SIM card we can send in the status of the push switch to the Cloud Database at every moment the button is pushed. Our app on the mobile device may pop up messages based on the data stored in the ECDB real time


Hybrid Power Controllers – Bridging the Analog and Digital Domain

Fully digital power supplies digitize all input signals and subsequently all signal processing is done in the digital domain. This requires massive computing power to control, so this has traditionally been in the domain of dedicated DSPs and microcontrollers with high computational performance.


Compiler qualification, certification and ISO 26262

When developing an item with ISO 26262 safety requirements, the standard requires that all software tools used in that item`s development have documented evidence as to why each tool is unlikely to introduce an error that will cause unsafe operation


e-IoT Platform 2021

How to prevent dropped communication in critical IoT applications

Networks like those offered in the ATSAMR30 family of MCUs with sub-GHz radio help ensure critical pieces are in place for information to be reliably transferred in changing environments when needede, all while sustaining long battery life


Ultrasonic Measurement with Microchip’s PIC and AVR Microcontrollers

Today ultrasonic measurement is used in a wide range of applications. The main advantage of ultrasonic is that it is contactless and it is used in various levels of measuring applications as nearly all materials can be detected



IoT infrastructure demonstration by Endrich @ Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, one of the leading design-in electronic component distributors, presented a working IoT infrastructure on Embedded World 2020 exhibition in Nuremberg at 25-27 February


Security is changing in the IoT era

With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions that help reduce power consumption while adding robust security. Enter Microchip, manufacturer of microcontroller, memory and semiconductor devices, with its new SAM L10 and L11 MCU families.


Search results for MCU Found in advertising publications: 35

Microchip Technology

Certified SIL 2/3 Self-Test Library for
Industrial Safety

Simplify Your System Development and Certification

Industrial safety is critical in the field of ... more

Microchip Technology

Open the Door to IoT
Wi-Fi® Meets Open-Source Linux®

Enable Wi-Fi on any Linux-based MPU with Microchip’s turn-key, pre-certified Wi-Fi modules with Mainline
Linux ... more

Microchip Technology

Power Delivery Software Enables
USB-C® Customization

Eliminate Manufacturer Dependence With Downloadable Source Code


Harness the power of this industry-changing solution to determine your own product destiny! ... more

Microchip Technology

Say Goodbye to Level Shifters
And Hello to Multi-Voltage I/O on the AVR® DB MCU Family

Building an embedded design supporting multiple voltage standards often ... more

Microchip Technology

World-Class Analog from a
Microcontroller Leader?

If You Only Know Microchip as an MCU Supplier, We’re About to Blow Your Mind

Microchip’s success story ... more

Microchip Technology

Smart Solutions to Accelerate Design

Building Blocks to Optimize Your Design’s Intelligence

As technology has evolved, more and more devices demand intelligent systems.
Microchip ... more


GigaDevice 32 bit ARM® Cortex® - microcontrollers Dipl.Ing. Zoltan Kiss Sales manager East Europe / Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH Arm (Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Machine) is ... more

Microchip Technology

PIC18F K42 Family

MCUs For Every Space

The PIC18F K42 family features the highest integration of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), high-resolution analog, Direct Memory Access (DMA) and vectored ... more

Microchip Technology

Microcontroller Closes the Graphics Gap

First MCU to Combine 2D Graphics Processing Unit and DDR2 Memory

The industry’s first MCU to combine a 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) ... more


PIC18F K40 MCUs feature Intelligent ADC with Filtering and Signal Analysis Capabilities

8-bit PIC® MCUs are ideal for Touch and Signal Conditioning

The Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) in ... more

LATEST issue 2/2022

issue 2-2022



Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

The scope of the fair encompasses automation systems, CAD/CAM/CAE & PLM software, CNC and conventional metalworking technologies, CNC control systems, cutting tools/holders, heat treatment equipment, Industry 4.0 and IIoT systems ... more
9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

The 3 main areas of the exhibits are transport services and logistics, warehouse equipment and technologies, commercial vehicles and green transport ... more
Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Visitors of Eco Wave are managers and executives responsible for strategic planning and procurement, government officials, experts, researchers, technicians, media representatives, and others ... more
WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

The 29th WorldFood Istanbul which was held in 2021 became the largest exhibition on square meter basis in its history and it achieved great success by reaching the highest number of visitors ever ... more