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Integra Plastics, Rosen Tzankov: Automatic sorting systems are among the main weapons in the battle against plastic waste

Plant Manager Rosen Tzankov talks us through some of the innovative technological solutions implemented at the facility


VIVA, Anton Tomchev: Vivalux products attracted the attention of multinational visitors at Light + Building 2022

The manager of the company comments the hottest trends at this special autumn edition of the world´s leading lighting and building technology trade show, along with the highlights in Vivalux’s presentation


PepsiCo invests USD 100 million in Romanian facility

Construction on the Popesti-Leordeni facility is expected to be completed in 2024 and will double the plant’s current production capacity


To EtherCAT and Beyond

The EtherCAT is always the same length, and each device node on the network has an addressable area of the frame dedicated to it.


Solarex Istanbul to showcase the latest trends in PV technology

Being a commercial platform where the latest technologies in the world in the field of solar energy and new products manufactured in Turkey are presented all together, Solarex has the characteristics of being an organization in which the sector’s leading firms and representatives meet


PCB manufacturing in Türkiye

The Turkish electronics industry, founded on high added value, innovation, creativity, and extensive research, develops products not only for the local market but also for overseas


Renewable energy opportunities in Albania

Ensuring a cost-competitive, secure energy supply in Albania can be achieved by further increasing the renewable energy share and diversifying the country’s electricity sector.


Equipment and services for electronics production in Bulgaria

Manufacturing of electronics components and devices is a very complex task that requires use of specialized equipment and engineering expertise. However, advancement in technology has streamlined the major aspects of fabrication of electronics. Potential for development, strong partnerships with international manufacturers and the presence of qualified specialists in the sector in Bulgaria give solid grounds for future boost in equipment and services for electronic industry


Bulgarian market for metal cutting tools

The development of the global market of metal-cutting tools nowadays is dynamic and saturated with high technologies, technical innovations and new developments in the field of production materials, geometries and coatings. The Bulgarian market is inextricably following global trends and despite limiting factors such as the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be significant for more and more global manufacturers of metal cutting tools


Antistatic (ESD) and EMI protection in electronics production

The industry has come a long way in understanding how electronic devices are impacted by both, measures manufacturers can take to reduce or prevent them outright


Search results for EPS Found in advertising publications: 8


High end industrial displays

Zoltàn, Kiss MSc – Export manager – Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

Since many years one can experience fight on the ... more


Varianti: We aim to implement orders as quickly as possible with minimum deviation from the set parameters

Varianti Ltd is established in 1990. The company develops as ... more


Technology and industrial equipment

GALIKA is the official representative

for Bulgaria of the following

machine tool manufacturers:

• EDM die-sinking and wire cutting machines

• Laser ablasion ... more

Microchip Technology

Looking to speed your analog development time?

PIC® MCUs with Intelligent Analog make designs easier

With a powerful combination of rich analog integration and low power consumption, the ... more

Microchip Technology

Diff erentiate your 16-bit designs with the latest PIC® Microcontrollers

New PIC24 Lite MCUs cut cost, space and power consumption

PIC24 Lite MCUs give you the perfect combination ... more

Microchip Technology

Get Started IN 3 eaSY StePS

1. View the Low Power Comparison


2. download the Low Power

tips ‘n tricks

3. Order samples and development


PIC16F193X ‘F1’ evaluation Platform - dM164130-1

Low-Power ... more


Integrate Touch Sensing Quickly and Easily

With Microchip’s Range of Low Power, Low Cost Solutions

Memory Analog Digital Signal



The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo and PIC ... more


LED Controllers from NEON-EC

NEON-EC offers highly effective decisions for light engineering on the power LEDs base.

There are LEDs of leading world manufactures, such as CREE, SAMSUNG ... more

LATEST issue 1/2023

issue 1-2023



The E-IOT Mesh with the new cityBox device as a gateway

The E-IOT Mesh with the new cityBox device as a gateway

cityBox is a sensor station, a small green power plant serving itself, a communication gateway for connecting himself to the Internet, and also a gateway to the optional wireless MESH ... more
Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

Comet Electronics offers development service from the idea to the complete product, according to customer’s needs. The company’s design department works in close cooperation with its manufacturing units and the ... more