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Industry 4.0 development in Serbia

Industry 4.0, defined as smart manufacturing and supported by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is affecting entire global production, including Serbian industry. The fourth industrial revolution is relatively slowly (and with a serious delay compared to the most high-tech economies in Europe and the world) but steadily developing in the country according to local and international experts


EC approves EUR 179,5 mln grant to Croatia’s Project 3 Mobility

Project 3 Mobility is developing a new urban mobility ecosystem that will significantly improve mobility patterns and transportation systems in urban areas


Using low power, wireless ad hoc local mesh network technology with cellular gateway to enhance smart sensor solutions

A major challenge industry faces today is digitalization of conventional processes, extending machinery with low power, feature rich microcontroller-based electronics to collect sensor readings, and forward data to a Cloud Database


Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, Lyubomir Stanislavov: The automotive sector has established Bulgaria`s place on the European high-tech industrial map

In a special interview for the magazine arch. Stanislavov comments the current technology trends in the automotive sector and the role of Bulgaria-based electronic component manufacturers for the regional and global automotive industry


Amygda, Faizan Patankar: We are transforming the traditional way of doing predictive maintenance in the industry

Amygda`s CEO and co-founder Faizan Patankar talks about the key benefits of the company`s predictive analytics platform


GNSS receivers

The choice of the target platform is often a trade-off of parameters such as receiver performance, manufacture and maintenance cost, expandability, power consumption, and autonomy


Slovenia’s electronic components market

Due to its unique geographical position, Slovenia provides an ideal business location as a headquarters for a company’s business activities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans


PCB manufacturing in Türkiye

The Turkish electronics industry, founded on high added value, innovation, creativity, and extensive research, develops products not only for the local market but also for overseas


Automotive industry in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Parts and components produced in BiH include: seats, wheel components, ICE engine components, exhaust systems, cabins, cables, electric vehicle parts, parts for starting systems, plastic, metal and rubber parts, as well as plastic deformation tools


Equipment and services for electronics production in Bulgaria

Manufacturing of electronics components and devices is a very complex task that requires use of specialized equipment and engineering expertise. However, advancement in technology has streamlined the major aspects of fabrication of electronics. Potential for development, strong partnerships with international manufacturers and the presence of qualified specialists in the sector in Bulgaria give solid grounds for future boost in equipment and services for electronic industry


Search results for Autonom Found in advertising publications: 3


GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers in the Endrich delivery program

dipl. Ing. Zoltan Kiss Eastern European Sales Manager

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

Global navigation is becoming more and ... more

Microchip Technology


Together Your Possibilities are Unlimited

You have a desire to make technology smarter, more efficient and accessible to everyone. Microchip has a passion for ... more

VIA Expo

South-East Europe is on track with a sustainable development

Exhibition and Forum on Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Smart Cities, Elevators, Environment and Waste Management (5-7 March 2014, Sofia, ... more

LATEST issue 1/2024

issue 1-2024



99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

Critical applications in business and industry need fault-tolerant computing solutions that ensure maximum availability. In such scenarios, PACS Solutions relies on the revolutionary ztC Endurance platform from its key international ... more
How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

The E-IoT ecosystem, which offers cellular LPWAN connectivity for direct sensor-database communication and has recently been using NeoCortec’s revolutionary NeoMesh protocol for having an ad-hoc, real low power, sub-GHz mesh ... more
 Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Hilco Industrial specializes in reselling industrial equipment and is currently hosting an Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia formerly owned by Husky KTW. Husky KTW, a division of Husky Technologies, is a prominent global corporation in ... more