KCM Technology, SEEIM - issue 3, 2017


KCM Technology can cover complete

scope of investment projects

KCM Technology started its activity in the field of the non-ferrous metallurgy in October 2005, based on the former Investment and Process development Department in KCM AD. The company‘s portfolio includes main engineering activities such as research, design, project execution through EPCM.

KCM Technology is ISO 9001-2008 as well as ISO 14000 certified. The personnel includes 36 engineers in different disciplines, all members of the Chamber of engineers in the investment design with full design qualification, as well as administrative staff.

The company can cover the complete scope of investment projects - from design, through procurement, construction management till start up and commissioning.

Since 2005 KCM Technology has completed projects for 47 process installations for the total investment cost of 40 million euro. Some of them are based on proprietary technologies such as reconstruction of baghouse dust precipitators for lead and zinc plants, equipment for zinc alloys CGG and ZAMAC, solid - liquid extraction, closed cooling water loops, zinc sulfate C grade, DORE refining, Wealtz kiln reconstruction.

Other projects are based on adaptation of foreign design and equipment.

The share of the cost of the engineering services in the above projects is 11,6% which shows the competitiveness of the company.

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